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Beast White DDR5 XMP Desktop Memory

CAS Latency: 40
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Beast White DDR5 XMP Desktop Memory
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Product Highlight
  • Improved stability for overclocking
  • Increased efficiency
  • Intel XMP Certified
  • Qualified by the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers
  • Low-profile heat spreader design
  • Includes JEDEC default, two EXPO 1.0 profiles, two XMP 3.0 profiles and one user programmable profile
Product Description
Kingston FURY™ Beast DDR5 memory brings the latest, cutting-edge technology for next-gen gaming platforms. Taking speed, capacity and reliability even further, DDR5 arrives with an arsenal of enhanced features, like on-die ECC (ODECC) for improved stability at extreme speeds, dual 32-bit subchannels for increased efficiency, and an on-module power management integrated circuit (PMIC) to provide juice where it’s needed most.

Superior speed advancements with double the banks from 16 to 32 and double the burst length from 8 to 16, take DDR5 memory, your gaming experience and your overall system applications to the next level of performance.

Whether you’re pushing the limits in your gaming with the most extreme settings, live streaming at 4K+ or pushing large animation and 3D Rendering, Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 memory is the level up needed, while seamlessly bridging style and unleashing performance.

With options featuring Intel XMP 3.0 or AMD EXPO, two new DDR5 overclock specs that include customizable profiles for speeds and timings, Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 has your compatible overclock solutions covered.
What’s Included in the Box
Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 White Desktop Memory
Lifetime warranty Greater Starting Speed Performance Greater Starting Speed Performance Improved Stability for Overclocking Improved Stability for Overclocking Increased Efficiency Increased Efficiency Intel® XMP 3.0 Certified Intel® XMP 3.0 Certified Qualified by the World’s Leading Motherboard Manufacturers<sup>1</sup> Qualified by the World’s Leading Motherboard Manufacturers<sup>1</sup> Low-profile Heat Spreader Low-profile Heat Spreader
1 Learn more about megatransfers per second - MT/s denotes megatransfers (million transfers) per second and represents the effective data rate (speed) of DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM memory in computing. A DDR SDRAM memory module transfers data on the rise and fall of every clock cycle (1 Hz).

    Ex: DDR4-3200 (PC4-3200)
    Clock Rate: 1600MHz
    Data Rate: 3200MT/s
Bandwidth: 25,600 MB/s (25.6 GB/s)

2 Featured on the Qualified Vendor Lists (QVL) of the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers.

Beast White DDR5 XMP Desktop Memory