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The following process will assist you in completing an RMA request on this site. Once you have completed the request, you will be contacted within 2 business days (via email) with your RMA number and the information necessary to return your defective product.

                                             PLEASE NOTE
1. You MUST obtain an RMA number before returning your product to Kingston.

2. This service is only available within the USA due to import/export requirements.
    Product purchased outside the USA must be returned through the company from
    which it was purchased.

3. For customers in Canada and in the U.S., please call 1-800-337-3719.

4. This online RMA process is for warranty replacement/repair of defective product
    only. To exchange, refund or receive a credit for your product, please return it to
    the company from which it was purchased.

5. Please verify all of the information you are submitting to ensure it is complete and
    correct. Any discrepancy(s) will delay your request and could cause your
    request to be denied.

To begin the RMA process, please select your geographic region from the drop down list below:
If you have already submitted an RMA request and would like to check the status or shipment tracking information, click Check Status

Basic Troubleshooting:
  • Check your owner's manual and compare the specifications of the memory with the specification supported by your motherboard manufacturer.
  • Check that the module has been seated completely.
  • Install the largest capacity memory module first.
This service is only available within the U.S.A. due to export/import restraints. Product outside the U.S.A. must be returned through the agent from which it was purchased.

To ensure your RMA request is processed promptly, please be sure all information is complete and correct. RMA requests without proper information will not be processed and will be sent back to the sender.

**Cross ship: Cross ships are advanced replacement agreements and can be requested if replacement parts are needed immediately. Requesting this option will imply the customer has the defective parts and will ship them back to Kingston within 10 calendar days of this request. A credit card number (no debit cards)** is required and a 10 day hold will be applied for the list price of the item being shipped. If defective parts are not received Kingston will charge the account (or credit card) accordingly. For product that has a MSRP of $1000.00 or greater, the credit card will be charged and credited upon the return of the defective product. Requests received after 4:00PM PST will be processed the following day. By selecting this option the customer agrees the above conditions. **Debit cards are not recommended as the placement of the hold will remove that amount from the "available balance" of the checking account.

*Standard replacement: Customer must return the defective product to Kingston prior to shipping the replacement product. Subject to availability, the replacement product will be shipped to Customer the business day following Kingston's receipt of the defective product. Product will be replaced with the same part number as the part received unless prior authorization is obtained in order to substitute another part number. All requests are processed within 2 business days.

*Standard repair:**(discontinued product)** Any product that is no longer being manufactured by Kingston but is still under warranty must be returned to Kingston for repair. In the event that the part(s) is not repairable, the part(s) will be replaced with a refurbished part.

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